Cultural Revival and Documentation

GESWS sees culture as part of the development and the change process and continuation of the teaching and learning practice in our context. There is no development without integrating culture and environment at the center of teaching-learning. For a number of years, GESWS has taken steps to include cultural and environmental topics and local actions as part of enriching the school curriculum as well as teaching and learning process and making the schools relevant to the larger society and environment. It has taken small steps to reintroduce and reconnect the new generation to their rich heritage including music, dance, dresses, folk theatres and introduction of language classes through establishing a cultural wing, led by renowned cultural activists, literary persons and poets of the community. Field visits to cultural sites, painting and art competitions, conservation and environmental walks, cleaning and hiking events are part of the school annual co-curricular activities. The alumni of the Al Amyn School, which is part of the Al Amyn School system, have also taken lead in documenting some aspects of the oral language, as well as organizing cultural festivals. Besides, the GESWS is local partner of the Wakhi-Tajik Cultural Association Pakistan, Gulmit Organisation for Local Development (GOLD) who organize annual silk route festivals in collaboration with the Government Tourism and Culture Department and LokVirsa Islamabad and other partners.

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